Assistant Director - Legal and Corporate Affairs

Responsible for:   All staff below the rank of Assistant Director

Key Tasks/Responsibilities:

The Deputy Director shall be assisted by the Asst. Director;

  • He/She shall assist the Deputy Director with the day to day management of all units under the department;
  • He/She shall assist the Deputy Director in arranging the business of the Board including meetings and maintaining proper records of such meetings;
  • To assist in recording the proceedings of meetings and ensure the security of such recorded documents;
  • To witness and sign all contracts, agreements and MoUof the Authority in the absence of the Director;
  • Assist in supervising and controlling of Officers in his/her department; and
  • To perform any function that may be assigned to him/her from time to time by the Director, CS and Commissioner-General.


  • Applicant must have an LLB degree and three (3) years post call work experience, or an LLB degree and a Masters in Law (LL.M).
  • Must be a Sierra Leonean. 


Please send your application, attaching CV and copies of all relevant certificates to:

The Chairperson

National Revenue Authority

7 Bathurst Street