At a networking dialogue session led by the British Chamber of Commerce on Thursday 14th April 2022 at the Crown Agents Office in Freetown, the Deputy Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority Mrs. Jeneba Kpaka-Bangura posited that the digital transformation that has taken place within the Authority over the years is massive and the impact on revenue generation is huge Outlining the major reforms implemented by the NRA, she made reference to the ACYCUDA WORLD, the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) and the Electronic Cash Register System (ECR) which she systematically described as beneficial to taxpayers and the government. Mrs. Bangura expressed that the advantage of these reforms allows claims to be easily made for input GST and that the calculations of all GST transactions will be retroactive especially with integration.

In continuation, the reforms are intended to replace the manual systems with automation to make the Filing of Tax Returns and the entire tax administration processes simpler and more efficient. She however emphasized that the integration process was made easier with the ITAS system as it encompasses all tax handles except the 3% taxes.

Responding to the vary perceptions about operations at the Quay, Mrs. Bangura made it clear that the NRA is not the only operating body responsible for clearance of goods at the Quay, but as a major player, they have always done their best to collaboratively work with other agencies to make customs clearance process much easier. She made it emphatically clear that the NRA is only an implementing body and that any change in operation will come as a result of the changes effected in any new Finance Act. She highlighted all the activities undertaken by the authority to get taxpayers as well as the public informed on new tax policies and reforms. According to her, these activities are countrywide stakeholders engagement, television and radio programs pioneered by the Public Affairs and Tax Education Unit and invention of the Call Centre. All the comments and questions forwarded were adequately addressed by the Deputy Commissioner General. In his submission, the President of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) Mr. James Houghton in his 40 day report described all activities undertaken by the BCC within the said period. He made it clear that the agency has investment strategies which they are working on with the executive committee. According to him, it is achievable with the support of agencies and partners including the Sierra Leone chambers of Commerce. The dialogue session which was meant to be staged between the British Chamber of Commerce and other agencies created a platform to gain feedback for possible policy implementation.