Customer Service Charter Launched

Customer Service Charter Launched

On the 18th December 2014,  the NRA launched its Customer Service Charter as part of its ongoing focus on customer service. According to the Chairman of NRA’s Board of Directors, Sulaiman Kabba Koroma, the Charter sets out service standards expected from the NRA in operational areas such as:

  • Service reliability & punctuality
  • response times to enquiries and complaints
  • Domestic Tax requirements & Processes for TIN, GST Purchase Order, Tax Clearance Certificate, Tax Returns etc
  • Customs declaration procedures, valuation assessment & examination

 He stated that such pledges were designed following consultations with taxpayers to ensure that they reflect the standard of service that taxpayers expect from the NRA. 

‘It is important that every taxpayer feels that we are anticipating and responding effectively to individual needs. As such, this Charter represents an important milestone in building a customer service culture that strengthens partnership between NRA and our valued stakeholders’ Mr Kabba-Koroma stated.  He added that the Authority will measure its performance against these set standards regularly to provide management with information on how the Authority is performing against pledges made in the charter.  

The Director of Corporate Services  Bilal Kargbo who deputised the Commissioner-General said the Charter will help the Authority improve its performance management and adopt best practices. Since the Charter informs taxpayers and the general public the standards of service and response they can expect from NRA employees, Mr Kargbo said all employees have been made aware of the commitments made in the Customer Service Charter. He said management intends to rigorously monitor customer service performance and act on recommendations for improvement from Customer Service Feedback Forms designed to evaluate performance. 

Mr Kargbo said the Customer Service Charter will be widely publicised to taxpayers not only through the NRA website ( but also through bill boards and posters in key locations across the country and in every NRA office as well as pocket guides that customers can keep.