NRA Boss on How to Tackle Youth Unemployment

While donating a brand new Toyota bus to Fourah Bay College for use of the student body, the Commissioner-General of the National Revenue Authority  said changes in technology and the labor market have created the need for perpetual change in the country’s educational system. Madam Haja Kallah-Kamara said that as we now live in an innovation-oriented world, we must be flexible and innovative to survive. She added that the greatest need at this time should be the re-designing of curriculum and teaching mechanisms to help students cope with the uncertainty created in the education system by the Ebola crisis.

‘If as a nation we are to overcome unemployment among graduates, we must focus on creativity and the integration of knowledge’.  She explained that as a result, the NRA is now working with the University of Sierra Leone to design a tax component of the accounting curriculum to adequately prepare students for career options in taxation.

The Commissioner-General stated that the tax curriculum project will enable students gain practical knowledge on taxation which will consequently improve their job prospects with the NRA. The overall intention, she added, is to ensure that there will be an adequate supply of students who will become tax professionals. ‘As an employer, we will continue to intensify on-the-job training and mentorship in order to impart the necessary skills to our recruits’ she concluded.