With support from the African Development Bank (AfDB) and as part of the series of activities lined up in the Enhancing Tax Compliance’ (ENTACO) project, the NRA has concluded a nationwide Stakeholders’ Engagement in Freetown, Bo, Kenema, Makeni and Kono. According to the Senior Director of Modernization, the dialogue sought to engage the stakeholders from a different perspective on the emerging misconceptions on the Electronic Cash Register (ECR). He further expressed that the session also geared towards bringing in other players like the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Professional Bodies and business institutions to champion the message of the reform. Shedding light on the need to install and use the ECR, he emphasized that it is to enable government collect revenue in a more predictable way. In all the locations where these engagements were held, representatives from the Civil Society Consortium for Service Delivery Alphonso Manley, Accountability Now Sierra Leone William Sao Lamin Hassan J. Kamara of Civil Rights Coalition and a host of other provincial Societies in Sierra Leone. Holding on their stance, Alphonso Manly expressed that the NRA has heeded to what was recommended which is to continuously engage the tax paying public on the various tax administration reforms were with specific reference to the Electronic Cash Register. Speaking at the different events, William Sao Lamin of Accountability Now Sierra Leone said that his institution was the first Civil Society to engage taxpayers on the Goods and Services Tax in 2010. He said that the introduction of the tax has resulted in the improving revenue mobilization in the Country. As a Civil Society Consortium, their message to taxpayers is that the current NRA Administration is merely automating a process that started in 2010. He made it clear that the notion that the NRA single handedly proposed the Electronic Cash Register as claimed by business people is absurd. Instead of attacking the NRA, people should be mad at their Parliamentarians who failed to report the enactment of the ECR to their constituents, he said NRA is charged with the responsibility to implement tax laws and policies enacted by Parliament. Along the same trajectory, he stated that they had initially engaged government on the issue of introducing a Fair Tax System which is currently under review. Responding to the admonition given by the Civil Society Organizations, the taxpayers said that the NRA and government needs to do more in curbing street trading. According to them, street trading will reduce the relevance of the machine and undermine the reform process at NRA. Most shop owners said, most of the goods sold in their shops are on the street with lower prices because most street peddlers are GST free. They also said they are happy that the NRA is now taking a different trajectory on Education.