EOI - Electronic Fiscal Device Advisor


Date: February 20th, 2019



Procurement Number NRA/ICT/EOI/019/015

Terms of Reference for Electronic Fiscal Device Advisor

The National Revenue Authority has received funds from the Government of Sierra Leone towards the cost of THE INPLEMENTATION OF ELECTRONIC FISCAL DEVICE (EFD), and intends to apply a portion of this funding to eligible payments for a residence EFD Advisor. Amongst other project objectives, an important goal is to run a pilot phase of the introduction of Electronic Fiscal Device (EFDs) for GST-registered businesses. Part of the work underpinning the pilot project is the development of a series of technical documents, regulation and policies, which will last well after the end of the pilot. The introduction of EFDs in any country carries with it a series of technical issues that must be adequately addressed for their successful implementation. In Sierra Leone, the major technical issues to be considered are the situation of the national ICT and power infrastructure, the functional and technical specification of the EFDs which best suits this situation and how the EFD system will be included in the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) once this will be in place. The NRA is therefore seeking a consultant capable to advise the Authority on a series of issues over the course of the year-long project so that the technical and regulatory work executed during the pilot could stand.


Qualifications, experiences and competencies:

The applicant should possess a postgraduate degree in computer science or related field with at least five(5) years experience in implementing cash registers, electronic fiscal devices, virtual fiscal devices or e-invoices, coupled with at least two(2) years experience at the strategic level. Must have a solid background in embedded system and be familiar with top ranking electronic fiscal device vendors and current main products on the market. He/she should be familiar with tax administration systems, invoice management systems and other tax related systems, as well as possess a rich knowledge on tax regulations of different African countries.

Duties: The successful applicant would be responsible for advising the NRA on the proper strategy to introduce EFDs into the economy, as well as help develop the roadmap for the roll-out phase to follow the pilot phase. He/she shall advise the project team on how to review all technical documents, as well as lead the project team in ensuring that the electronic fiscal devices are well designed, programmed and manufactured. The successful applicant shall also lead the User Acceptance Test, as well as be responsible for building knowledge and competences on electronic fiscal devices for all the project team members.

In addition, the consultant will:

  • Provide Advice to project office on how to enforce technical parameters and standards set in the regulations and guidelines.
  • Design and implement work systems, procedures and manuals supporting the project implementation unit.
  • Advise on the establishment of the steering committee and its working procedures, train the committee on how to investigate applications, issuance of ACCREDITATION and follow test cases before approval
  • Set criteria and procedures to be used to certify devise suppliers and devise before use with the EFD application
  • Provide training to staff of the Authority on registration, inspection and demonstration of reports.
  • Prepare implementation reports with detailed analysis of progress and problems
  • Suggest possible solutions to problems that arise during implementation of the system
  • Provide advice to NRA on possible upgrades and improvement of the EFD solution in the medium term

Sealed Proposals must be marked on the outer envelope “CONSULTANT FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ELECTRONIC FISCAL DEVICE (EFD)”, delivered to the below office on or before 10.30 am on Wednesday, 13th March, 2019 at The Procurement Unit, 1st Floor, 17 Wellington Street, Freetown or send softcopy to ykanu@nra.gov.sl/jkamara@nra.gov.sl and copy ghganda@nra.gov.sl

Only shortlisted firms will be contacted to submit detailed technical and financial proposal, for further evaluation and final award of contract.