EOI - Staff Competency and Skills Audit Survey



In line with its Modernization programme, the National Revenue Authority (NRA) is undergoing major reforms aimed at modernizing its operations in order to increase effectiveness in revenue collection and improve accountability and the delivery of services to the taxpaying community and the general public.

In view of the above, the NRA has a major role to perform in the development of its human capital and strengthening the institutional capacity as specified in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. In that connection, there is need to identify, develop and utilize staff skills competencies that relate to their routine processes and procedures they have to follow in performing their operations.

To fulfill the above goal, there is need for the NRA to undertake Staff Competency and Skill Audit Survey across the Authority in order that it may be able to properly align its workforce with scheduled tasks and implement effective career planning programme that will lead to professionalism. The objective here is to enhance efficiency in the performance of staff for maximum output.


Aim/ Purpose of the Survey

The main aim/purpose of this survey is to undertake knowledge and skills audit of the entire NRA workforce that will eventually inform staff capacity building activities


Objectives of the Survey

The specific objectives include the following:

a. To examine the competency levels of frontline, middle and upper cadre of NRA staff based on their technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills.

b. To clearly identify what knowledge is needed to support the overall organizational goals, individual and team activities.

c. To provide an inventory of knowledge assets, allowing them to become more visible and therefore more measurable and accountable.

d. To identify training needs to fill in the gaps.

e. To identify staff strength & weaknesses relative to their operations


Instruction to Interested Consultants/Firms

Interested firms MUST obtain further information at The Procurement Unit, 1st Floor, 17 Wellington Street, Freetown between the hours 9:am and 4;pm, Mondays to Friday throughout the advert period. The proposals should adequately outline the following;

  • Profile and experience of the firm, at least three years past relevant work;
  • Detailed work plan;
  • Valid and complete business registration documents.

Sealed proposals must marked on the outer envelope Expression of Interest (EOI) for “Staff Competency and Skill Audit Survey”, delivered to the above office on or before 4pm on Friday 14th December, 2018.

The National Revenue Authority now invites interested consultants/firms to submit their proposals.

Late submission will be rejected automatically. Only shortlisted consultant(s)/firms will be contacted.