Working at NRA

Welcome to the National Revenue Authority! Employment at the Authority is not just a privilege to our country (Sierra Leone) but provides an opportunity to pursue a career path. The Authority fosters a feeling of job security and emphasizes an open door policy giving way to all its employees.

The continued successes of the Authority in attaining its mandate is a reflection of the vibrant and stimulating work environment where each person’s contribution is valued.

The Authority offers competitive yet rewarding career to those who seek excellence and growth by nurturing professional development through inclusive employee development programs coupled with exceptional employee benefit such as health insurance and workmen’s compensation schemes.

As a corporate entity, we promote an ethical culture that places high premium on integrity, equity and sense of duty among our employees. We rigorously enforce ethical standards of conduct and encourage employees to adhere to our core values: integrity, transparency, accountability, equity and service excellence.

If you have passion to serve and are self motivated, committed or an enthusiastic candidate, the National Revenue Authority is your destination.



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1. Deputy Commissioner-General 

2. Director of Internal Audit

3. Director of Human Resources

4. Assistant Director HRM

5. Director Administration

6. Assistant Director Administration

7. Director Legal and Corporate Affairs

8. Assistant Director Legal Corporate Services 

9. Director of Finance and Budget

10. Deputy Director - Finance

11. Deputy Director - Budget

12. Deputy Commissioner - Customs Services Department

13. Assistant Commissioner - Operations, Customs and Services Department

14. Assistant Commissioner - Anti Smuggling Unit, Customs and Services

15 Assitant Director Help Desk Specialist

16 Assistant Director Monitoring and  Planning 

17. Deputy Commissioner, Domestic Taxes Department

18  Deputy Commissioner Non Tax Revenue Department

19  Commissioner Non Tax Revenue Department

20. Assistant Commissioner Audit -Domestic Tax Departmrnt 


Please send your application, attaching CV and copies of all relevant certificates to:

The Chairman, Board of Directors

National Revenue Authority

7 Bathurst Street