Paying Taxes

How to Pay Tax

With the new payment system, taxpayers are advised to take note of the following:

  1. That they must first file-in with the Commissioner, Domestic Tax Department all their Returns i.e. PAYE, Withholding, GST, Corporate Tax, Individual and Partnership Tax (Trade Tax), Capital Gains Tax, Foreign Travel Ticket Tax and Pay-roll Tax, before obtaining a paying-in slip from the NRA.
  2. That they must present the NRA paying-in slip for all payments to the Banks with requisite transaction number as indicated on the paying-in-slip.
  3.  That all cheques payment below Le 50,000,000.00 must be done through certified cheques/banker’s draft to the respective Banks collecting on behalf of the NRA (please note that, ordinary cheques are no longer allowed),  and
  4. Payment above Le 50,000,000.00 must be done through BANK/SWIFT transfers to the Central Bank. The same procedure as indicated in (1) above must be followed.

Below are the account numbers to which an amount of Le 50, 000,000.00 and above must be paid into the Central Bank:


Account Name

 Account No.        (B-Ban Number)


Commissioner of Income Tax  Account



Commissioner of GST Account



Marine Resources Treasury Account



Mineral Resources Treasury Account



Immigration Treasury Account



General Revenue Treasury Account



General Agricultural Services Account



Administrator and Registrar General Account



Afforestation A/C



Taxpayers should then present evidences of payments (Certified Bank Credit/Debit Advice etc) to the respective NRA offices for the issuance of official NRA receipts. This is very important as failure to do so will give us reconciliation problems and even updating your records accordingly.

  1. The main objective of introducing the new payment system is to ensure that cheques are given real value at the time of payment. Other advantages of the new payment system mentioned above are as follows:
  • The new payment system would introduce an automated chequing system; and
  • A mode of settlement based on Real Gross Time Settlement (RGTS).