National Revenue Authority (NRA) holds a virtual training workshop on Stakeholder Engagement

From 15th-19th February, 2021, a virtual training on Stakeholder Engagement was organised by the World Customs Organization Anti-Corruption & Integrity Promotion (A-CIP) Programme in response to specific needs identified by the NRA in that area. The training is a follow up on a Customs Integrity Perception survey which was administered by the World Customs Organization in February of 2020. The week long virtual training workshop consisted of three online sessions as well as intersessional work. Over fifteen officials from key functions, having an impact or influence on the relationship with stakeholders, attended the event facilitated by WCO experts from Polish Customs and the WCO A-CIP Programme. The content of this event was largely based on the Relationship with the private sector key factor of the WCO Revised Arusha Declaration. Insightful conversations allowed the participants to reflect on the benefits obtained and challenges encountered when engaging a diversity of stakeholders. The participants shared their views and perspectives on how to build *trustful relationships, meet stakeholders’ expectations to the largest extent possible, ensure compliance with Sierra Leone’s legislative and regulatory framework* and foster collective action in the fight against corruption and promotion of integrity. In that perspective, the results of the Customs Integrity Perception Survey (CIPS) which was administered last year were also discussed. During the closing remarks, NRA reiterated their ongoing commitment to reinforce their relationship with the private sector and other stakeholders. This constructive and productive relationship is paramount to create a favorable and compliant business environment as well as to implement common solutions to combat corruption and promote integrity. The WCO A-CIP Programme reaffirmed their ongoing support to NRA, with the funding support of Norad