The Board of Directors of the National Revenue Authority have concluded spot visits to NRA outstations in the North West of Sierra Leone. Visits were made to Lungi International Airport, the Gbalamuya Customs Post in Kambia and the NRA office in Makeni. The tour is a move to enhance professional customer service and to ascertain the efficacy of operations in those areas. Members of the Board told staff they are especially focusing on improving the corporate environment for staff to execute their duties in a more effective and professional manner.

"We are doing so much at the level of the Board by way of formulating policies, and I think it's time to take this to the next level by visiting some of our offices and see for ourselves" said the Board Chair Dr. Tuma Adama Gento- Kamara. She said the Board decided in their last Board retreat that it is going to focus on improving the institution's infrastructure to enhance revenue collection; and it comes by improving the conditions within the working environment, she reiterated. She said the Board will take action on some of the most critical issues raised by staff and those discovered by reason of the visit.

The tour is a core mandate of the Board to perform as stipulated by the NRA Act. Led by the Board Chair, Dr. Tuma Gento-Kamara, the delegation made spot checks to the baggage unit, the cargo inspection facility and other Offices occupied by NRA staff within the Lungi International Airport. Members of the Board spoke to staff about their work, their constraints and the Board's role in providing solutions to those challenges. The delegation also inspected other property belonging to the NRA that could be developed in the not so distant future.

The team later made it to Gbalamuya, the customs post between Sierra Leone and Guinea. They were delighted to meet with the Customs management at the second largest collection point within the Customs Service Department after Queen Elizabeth ll quay in Freetown. As with other post, the Board is expected to take key decisions to improve the working environment and work with management to improve Customer service and other operational protocols.

The team is expected to make the second series of the tour in the southeast of the country in the coming weeks.