NRA Climax OSIWA Sponsored Tax Education Seminar At The Sierra Leone Law School

During the opening of the program, the Deputy Commissioner General Mrs. Jeneba J. Bangura first expressed sentiment on the introduction of Tax Law as a module in the curriculum of the institution and therefore stated that such development is invaluable in the work of the NRA. She further affirmed that the Catch Them Early Seminar is a start of many partnership with Law School.

When giving an overview of the Customs Service Department within the NRA, Mr. Mujiru I.I. Kallon Manager of Physical Examinations at Customs briefly outlined the dynamics of Customs mandates, scope and obligations thereby pinpointing that the Customs Service Department within the NRA is the second largest in terms of revenue collection. He equally so made mentioned on the ASYCUDA WORLD which is one of the newest reforms unfolded by the NRA, proclaiming it to be a catalyst for easements of all clearing and forwarding processes of goods at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay and Gbalamuya in Kambia District.

Presenting on behalf of the Non Tax Revenue Department, the Commissioner Mr. Sheku Fadika delved into the meaning of Non Tax Revenue and its cumulative benefits which stem from same. He further gave instances and few names of MDAs to which NRA is resident to collect various types of revenues as in Business registration certificates, Marriage Certificates, Court Fines, Royalties, Mining Licenses et al. Owing to the many misperceptions, he carefully clarified that the NRA does not collect Passport fees but rather collects fees for passport registration forms.

In other presentations, the Assistant Commissioner at the Large Taxpayers Office within NRA Mr. Moo-usa Salia Konneh shed light on the 2020 Finance Act in which he added that the Act largely focuses on professionals like Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors etc. to bring them into the NRA Tax net. He therefore hastened to state that the visit by NRA was not misplaced but was unarguably timely to really educate students at the Law School on the Sierra Leone Tax system and obligations. He concluded his presentation by distinctively categorizing the types of taxes Domestic Tax Department at NRA collects and taxpayers obligations.

After an interactive session, and also thanking the NRA, the President at the Sierra Leone Law School Ms. Emerica Ajaratu Cham said she was thrilled by the immeasurable efforts made by NRA to educate them on the Sierra Leone Tax system and obligations for which she was grateful, adding that the visit by NRA served as an eye opener to some of them who had limited knowledge about the Sierra Leone Tax system and obligations* . She entreated her colleagues to take the tax Education Seminar very important.