The NRA commemorates the International Women's Day with a Ladies Night out at the Sierra Leone Golf Club

For the NRA, this year's celebrations focus on celebrating the contributions of the Women within the institution towards the general output and operations of the institution. Led by the Deputy Commissioner General Mrs. Jeneba Kpaka Bangura, the Ladies night out aims at consolidating and asserting the importance placed by the NRA on the professional development of Women within the institution. According to Deputy Commissioner General Mrs. Jeneba Kpaka Bangura, the all Women dinner is a platform to reduce tension between management and female staff of the National Revenue Authority, thereby fostering the professional atmosphere for women to thrive. During the event, the *Commissioner General Dr. Samuel S. Jibao who was one of few men in attendance mentioned that women comprises 22% of the total NRA staff across the country, a figure which is expected to increase with the introduction of tax reforms in the country. Backing up his claims, he singles out both the Board Chair Dr. Tuma Adama Gento- Kamara and the Deputy Commissioner General whom he said are passionate about women in tax administration and therefore had championed their cause in most recruitment process at the NRA. As men, we can only support, employ and deploy where we see potentials and asset to the institution, the Commissioner General ended. "Women need to support each other" the Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Jeneba Bangura appealed to the NRA Ladies at the dinner. Even in the face of competition and career development, she admonished all to have a healthy and positive competition devoid of hate and malice. She also affirmed that one of the reasons women are hired in workplaces is because it is believed that women have more integrity than men and to a greater extend compassionate about their jobs; the reason why the institution jumps at the opportunity to hire prospective and professional women. In commemoration of the 2020 International Women's Day, the Commissioner General Dr. Samuel S. Jibao on behalf of management said he want NRA and Women all over the world to be bold, smart and hard working as they strive to take their place in the Corporate world.